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Having visited Detroit with family and observing a go-toPILATES session, I wished I could have Karen as my instructor, but I live in NYC. When she began offering ONLINE Mat Sessions, I jumped at the chance to finally try Pilates to turnaround my menopausal weight-gain. I signed up for 3 sessions a week. Karen possesses a perfect combo of professionalism: non-judgmental support, expertise and customized challenging sessions work beautifully for me. She watches my form carefully so I get the best results and keeps me motivated. Now I have Karen as my Pilates instructor in NYC & wherever I travel. I am hooked! Mary K.


I never really understood what Pilates was all about, until I became a client of go-toPILATES. Karen is truly competent in all phases of Pilates method and taught me the importance of core control and concentration throughout my sessions. go-toPILATES has provided me with vast improvements in my posture, strength & flexibility. I look forward to each session! George H.

​Once again I marvel at how Karen has helped my body. I walk into my private session moving slowly, slumped over in pain. I leave feeling taller and without any aches.  I do mat & privates sessions once a week, and both are important helping me to resolving 31 years of back problems. Eileen G.​

Pilates is an amazing way to stretch the body and work on the core without negative impact on my joints. Karen challenges us in new ways every time we see her so nothing is ever stale or boring. I love the emphasis on "one vertebrae at a time" -it forces you to slow down & really feel each movement.

Amanda D. 


I have done yoga & stretching before, however, having Karen come to my neighborhood is the best way to be consistent!! It is fantastic to do Pilates with her with others. The benefits are numerous- a most important effect it has is on my abdomen -who doesn't want a strong Core? with Karen's attention to your form, it gets stronger and stronger! The other unique benefit of having Karen come to your area, you can do this with others that you may not see on a regular basis (which can be a good thing). Chatting with your neighbors after Pilates makes you smile & lowers your blood pressure! Try it -you will not regret it! 

Dr. Susan H.

I've been attending Pilates mat sessions with Karen for over two years now. I have noticed a definite improvement in my abs as well as arm strength. I attend twice a week and can honestly say missing one session does have its negative impacts. I'm less flexible when I miss. I had no idea what Pilates were when my cousin asked if I wanted to attend a session with her. I'm so glad I took her up on the offer and joined. Karen is professional and knowledgeable in Pilates but also makes the sessions fun. I recommend go-toPILATES to all! Mary B.

I am a long time runner, but knew I needed a way to stay flexible, increase my core strength and be more balanced. Pilates has filled that void, and I am glad to say, with the help of Karen and go-toPILATES, I improve every week. Kim O.

Everyone told me Pilates was too difficult for my bad back. I have found with the small group mat classes and the privates with Karen - my body core is becoming very strong. My chiropractor could not believe the difference when he saw my recent x-rays. go-toPILATES is extremely affordable and Karen is very personable and knowledgeable. I feel like I have my life back after years of chronic pain. I continue to come and recommend Karen. ELG.

I am very fortunate to be doing Pilates at a neighbors in-home small group sessions. Karen comes to us every week. I really recommend this for anyone who needs help getting motivated and who would find the drive to a Pilates Studio just one more reason not to go. We work hard & have fun -an unbeatable combination! Clarkston Client


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