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Since 2013

with Yearly Continuing Education Certification


I want to provide you with

a safe, challenging & fun atmosphere

helping YOU succeed on

YOUR path to fitness and well-being

One morning just before celebrating a landmark birthday, I awoke and really saw myself in the mirror. I was heading close to obese having slowly mounted on pounds, especially in my mid-section. I realized if I did not do something now, eventually my quality of life would suffer.  At that moment, I made the decision to put myself at the top of my “to-do" list joining a fitness club, and investing in personal training.


My program included weekly sessions with personal trainers to keep me motivated and to hold me accountable. With an exercise routine consisting of an emphasis on Pilates, along with weights, cardio, plyometrics -and paying closer attention to my eating habits -that first year I achieved my goals reaching my ideal weight.

I recognized immediately that Pilates was the most efficient way to keep my body flexible & balanced. Strengthening my abdominals helps to reduce significantly the strain & stiffness in my back with the surprise benefit –relieving my stress! Pilates became not only the core of my fitness routine, but I then made a life-altering decision to become a Pilates Instructor. I found that teaching comes naturally to me. I left behind my management career to open go-toPILATES, devoting myself to this fulfilling vocation where I strive to help others establish body awareness and maintain an active, and healthy lifestyle.​  






Anyone can do it

All Ages - Men & Women

All Fitness Levels

Mat Work Is The Foundation of Pilates


​Joseph Pilates' first teachings started with Mat work. This supine position was developed to avoid putting stress & strain on the heart & joints. The mat exercises are a challenging combination of concentration and control of the movements.

GRATZ Classic Equipment

GRATZ is the original manufacturer of the equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. The Reformer and Cadillac are the most widely used pieces of equipment. go-toPILATES has these and other specialized Gratz equipment in our studio. There are over a hundred different classical movements created for this equipment, each dependent and built upon one another. 

How often should I do Pilates?

Many students take at least 2-3 classes per week due to the improvement and better results that they then feel and see.

Why MEN should do Pilates

Here are testimonials from very athletic men.  Really worth the time to check out!

What is Classic Pilates?
This is Pilates in its original classical form. The goal is to teach Pilates with a  focus on uniform development, correcting and conditioning the body, mind & spirit through movement.  All exercises are taught as a movement system, smoothly and intelligently linked with specific purpose for maximum results.

​Those practicing Pilates diligently describe these benefits:

  • ​Relieves pain & stiffness

  • Improves balance, coordination, stability & flexibility 

  • Develops abdominal strength

  • Simulates weight loss​

  • Helps to reduce stress​

  • ​Enhances concentration & overall well-being

Can I do Pilates with my medical condition?

It is always best to consult your doctor before starting any exercise program. Many of the Pilates movements can be modified for the specific needs of a client.


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